Division Judge’s Training – 30 January 2010

Division H&K Judge’s Training – 30 January 2010

1) I have not yet completed my Project 6 speech, can I be a Contest Judge?
2) If if I took part in my club contest, can I judge at Area level?
3) What is the best way to enter scores on the judging form?
4) What is a tie breaking judge? Who shall the person be?
5) How can I distinguish the Best from Very Good?
6) As a judge, shall I be subjective or objective?
7) What are the techniques of a good judge?

Do you want to know the answers to the above 7 questions? Plus years of experience as Toastmasters Speech Contest Judge?

Or do you simply want to know what are judges looking for in contestants, so that you will stand a better chance to win? Our District Governor Edward Ma, DTM will personally fly all the way from Singapore to Hong Kong to conduct this Judge’s Training for Toastmasters in Hong Kong.

Date : 30 January 2010 (Sat.)

Time : 16:30 Registration; 16:45-18:15 Training

Venue : PQ306, Core Q, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Fee : HK$20/Toastmasters ; HK$50/Non-Toastmasters

Registration information will be available on http://www.hongkong-toastmasters.org

Tina Wong, ACB CL and Sean Lin, ACS ALB
Division H & K Governor
District 80, Toastmasters International

“Renew Your Promise”


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